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Sunglasses for Various Faces

By getting to know your face shape, you can easily determine which sunglasses frames are right for your face shape. This will help you to select perfect sunglasses that compliments your face shape, enhances your looks & features.

You don't know the shape of your face shape?

By using tape, measure your face accross from the widest points by following steps and write down the measurement:

  • Measure your forehead across from the widest point. This is usually halfway between your hairline and your eyebrows.
  • Measure jawline across from one end to the other at the widest point.
  • Measure cheekbones across at the widest point.
  • Measure from the your hairline to the bottom of your face.

Check the measurements to know your face shape. Below are the most common face shapes, their characteristics, tips and prominent celebrity faces in those face types.

Diamond Shaped Face

Diamond face shape is characterized by high cheekbones, small forehead, and narrow jaws and eyes. Men or women with this kind of face should shop for frames shapes which are round, straight, cat-eye or oval. Also look for designer inspired shades that have detailing or distinctive top lines. The idea for choosing these sun glasses is to emphasize eyes, highlight the cheekbones makes forehead appear wider.

Famous celebrity with diamond shaped faces: Katherine Hepburn, Sophia Loren and Linda Evangelista.

Oblong Shaped Face
Oblong faces looks long and narrow along with long straight cheek lines. Choose large frames sunglasses that cover your centre face. It will have the effect of reducing long quality of your face. Sunglasses with thick bold or deep frames, patterns like- laser engraving, tattoos, rhinestones or big buckles on arms. This will draw’s person attention to centre of face instead of your long cheeks and jaw line.

Famous celebrity with oblong shaped faces: Gabrielle Reece, Niki Taylor, Stephanie Seymour, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kirstie Alley.

Oval Shaped Face
Oval face shape is characterized by high cheekbone, broad forehead, and narrow chins. It is the most versatile and balanced face types. Choosing designer inspired frames that go along the shape of their eyebrows suits this face. Look for sun glass styles which are as wide as the broadest area of your face. Still not clear which designer inspired sunglasses to select for your oval face.

Famous celebrity with oval faces: Cameron Diaz, Cindy Crawford, Courtney Cox Arquette, Elle MacPherson, Heather Locklear, Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone, Tyra Banks, Uma Thurman, Jessica Alba and Julia Roberts

Round Shaped Face
Round face characteristics include rounded jaw line and without high cheekbone tend to look round. They will need sunglasses with contrasting frames which are more of straight, rectangular, square or angular. These frames will define their face feature and give it a longish look. You can also make your face appear thinner by selecting a clear nose bridge. It will have effect of widening of eyes. Tip for round face is to go for a narrower frame which lengthens the face. Until you are satisfied with sunglasses that suits your round face try our discount price sunglasses with 30 day exchange or money back guarantee.

Famous celebrity with round faces: Charlotte Church, Christina Tricia, Ingrid Bergman, Natalie Marchant, Roseanne Barr, Kate Winslet and Drew Barrymore.

Square Shaped Face
Square face is characterized with broad jaws, wide chin and forehead. The idea is to transform the strong lines of your face and present a softer look. These designer look-a-like sun shades should sit high enough, to minimize the jaw line. Suggested discount sunglasses– curved frames, sunglasses with heavy top, round and oval shaped frames. Try narrower frame sunglasses that have more width than depth, to widen the eye area. Still have a doubt on the styles that will suit your square face?

Famous celebrity with square faces: Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Janet Jackson, Jessica Simpson, Isabella Rosellini, Mandy Moore, Ashley Judd, Hilary Swank, Mena Suvari, Sandra Bullock, Calista Flockhart, and Demi Moore.

Triangular Shaped Face
Triangular face is characterized with a broad forehead and narrow chin. Sunglass tips- choose sun shades with thin rimmed inspired frames that do not sit high on your face. If you are confident try an oversized sun glasses that will make your face look wider. Aviators are popular choice hear go for them.

Inverted Triangle face is characterized shape with narrow forehead and wide chin. Sunglass tips- choose brightly colored shades that have lots of detailing, cat-eye or butterfly type styles. These inspired frames will make top part of face appear wider and narrows the chin in comparison.Get these cool & sexy sunglasses at cheap price before buying authentic sunglasses for your triangular face.

Famous celebrity with traingular faces: Kathy Ireland, Nicole Appleton, Martina McCutcheon, and Victoria Beckham.

Check out video below for tips and advice courtesy Instyle magazines.